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Thank you and goodnight

It's August 2014 which means that the OxfordMusic.net shop has now been up and running for nearly 16 years.

It all started as a way of selling Shifty Disco releases outside the UK without having to fuss with International Money Orders (anyone remember those?) and evolved to be a home for a host of disparate independent labels and artists - providing an online shop facility for all in those days before PayPal, and off-the-shelf, open-source e-commerce software.

We also provided web hosting packages and expertise for many of these labels and artists - because we could.

We first started selling MP3s in 1999, a good 4 years before iTunes came along, but the idea didn't really take off at the time as we sold a grand total of 6 that year! But we had the opportunity to try out any new ideas that popped into our heads.

One of those ideas in April 2000 was to sell paperless tickets for shows. We'd sold physical tickets for a few gigs via the OxfordMusic.Net shop beforehand (Beulah at the Point in Oxford and Truck Festival spring to mind) but for the Shifty Disco showcase at the Bull & Gate in Kentish Town headlined by The Unbelievable Truth we decided to go paperless.

And pleasantly surprising as it was, we managed to convince 100 or so ticket buyers that a name and a booking reference was going to be all they need to get into the show.

The idea grew and grew and had to be spun off into a separate business, WeGotTickets, which now sells over 1 million tickets a year.

The shop and the web hosting business continued in the background as WeGotTickets took more and more of our time and focus; but it has now got to the point where the shop processes just a handful of sales each month.

So we've decided to bring it to a close just before it fizzles out entirely. As of August 29th 2014, the OxfordMusic.net shop will be no more.

For the last few years we have been providing the download stores for both David Sylvian's Samadhi Sound label and the Ride Music back catalogue and you will be able to continue buying tracks and album bundles from these catalogues directly from the respective labels (www.samadhisound.com and www.ridemusic.net).

Thank you for your custom over these years, none of it would have been possible if there wasn't people out there willing to take a chance on the independent releases we stocked and on OxfordMusic.net itself.


If you have an outstanding question, please contact us.


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